Best space heater for large basement

We all have our rooms properly arranged and well heated in the winter season. It is considered that the basement should only be used for storage and items that are not used regularly.

Nowadays people tend to use most of the space in their home. Basements can be used as a workshop if you are an artist or it can be used as a gym. The biggest problem in turning your basement to the better part of your home is low temperature in the basement. In order to get our basement ready to use, we have to bring one best space heater for large basement. There are certain factors which are to be considered if we want to buy the heater for the basement.


The most important thing to be considered in the basement heater is mobility as mostly we do not want the heater to be fixed at one place. It is better to get one heater which we can be moved. If we will bring one heater which is fixed in one place, we will need to remove the heater and fix again every time we are going to change the basement settings.

Adjustable thermostat:

It is important to get one heater which can be set to a certain temperature. Most of the modern heaters come with a thermostat in which the temperature of the space can be fixed to a point. This will give two advantages. The power will be saved as once the required temperature is reached, the heater will turn itself off and turn on again once the temperature goes below the set point.

Safety features:

The best space heater for large basement should have excellent safety features like in case of a circuit problem the system does not overheat. We will not be able to sit in the basement all day to care for the heater. If the heater has a system to prevent a fire like having a safety rod net in front of heating plates, it will be good for the safety of our home.

We can discuss here three heaters which have really good features. De Longhi radiant heater is one of the best heaters as it has really good mobility features. It has wheels on its base making it easy to move at any required place. It does not need oiling and it has a thermostat which will make it really good for use.

There are some problems as after some time it can start to make a sound. The second heater is Lifesmart heater which is based on infrared technology. It does not have good mobility feature but it is really energy efficient and can save you some bucks in electricity bills.

The third one we can discuss here is the HomeGear energy efficient heater. This heater has really good security feature as it has a safety level and system do not let get heater overheated. It is also observed that it will get the basement quickly heated. It has one remote which can be used to adjust it without having to come near to heater all the time.